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When it’s time to replace an aging or damaged bridge or culvert, the Fast Cast Bridge® is your best choice. Far more efficient and reliable than a culvert, the unique, composite Fast Cast Bridge is made to last for decades. It has no debris catchments, which significantly increases flow volumeup to ten times the flow-through capacity of a culvertand virtually eliminates long-term maintenance costs. Patent: 11,319,679.

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Once the foundation is installed, the Fast Cast Bridge is ready for installation. Components of the Fast Cast Bridge include a complete set of rigging and tools, which are yours to keep after your bridge is installed. Your only responsibilities are providing the lifting equipment, concrete services, and labor for the installation (specialized labor is not required).

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• AASHTO rated HL-93 bridge class box culvert
• Quick installation (1-2 days for bridge; 4-15 days total)
• Can be completed with force account labor
• Structural design already completed
• Elimination of debris catchments
• Increased flow capacities over circular or semicircular structures
• Corrosion-resistant paint

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