Steel Fabrication

Premier Steel Services excels in making sure that the right materials are fabricated to the highest American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards. Premier Steel is an AISC-certified fabricator.

Premier’s Quality Management System and annual auditing by AISC insure that the quality culture at Premier Steel continues to thrive, and also help reassure customers that their building structure will be completed as specified.

Our Quality Assurance Program standards are more stringent than those required by AISC. Our program is designed to monitor fabrication projects from inception through erection. These safeguards reduce liabilities for all parties involved in each project.

The way we see it, with every steel fabrication we’re building another piece of our reputation. That’s a project we take very seriously.

Premier Processing

Many customers rely on our custom plate-cutting services, which we provide with the aid of our high-definition plasma-and-oxy-fuel cutting machine. In addition to plate-cutting, we can also process angles, flatbars and beams to meet your specifications.