Streamline the safety requirements of your construction site with Premier Steel Safety SystemsTM. Premier Steel Safety Systems offers cost savings and provides tools to market your services and the services of your subcontractors. Premier Steel Safety Systems program is designed to reduce safety costs usually absorbed by the owner or general contractor.


  • Safety posts to fit within shop-welded post pockets
  • High quality, branded splashguards
  • Kick plate supports
  • Construction camera access
  • Drone video footage

    • Virtually eliminate the cost of onsite post welding
    • Free branded splashguard for owner/general contractor
    • Lease cost of splashguards can be defrayed through selling subcontractor-branded splashguards
    • Construction camera access reassures investors and other stakeholders
    • Drone videos and construction camera footage provides countless opportunities for organic marketing of all companies involved in the project
    • Opportunities for subcontractors to offset owner expenses while providing valuable services to subcontractors


    Premier Steel Safety Systems recommends posts approximately every eight feet around the perimeter of an elevated construction site. Each post is manufactured to include two eyeholes, cable and clip.

    Lease cost includes:

    • Shop-installed metal post pockets welded on beams
    • Shipping of posts one-way to your construction site
    • Convenient racks of 100 posts
    • Extra post pockets are included for jobsite modifications, as necessary


    Premier Steel Safety Systems splashguards are designed for durability and safety. They are 42” tall and are manufactured with a nine-ounce, small-holed mesh material, which allows for a wind-permeable material with a crisp, clean look. Edges are sewn with reinforced webbing and grommets for maximum durability and flexibility during installation.

    Lease/sale cost includes:

    • Shipping of splashguards one-way to your construction site
    • Premier Steel Safety Systems-branded splashguards
    • One free custom multiple logo splashguard to showcase all construction partners; ideal for the topping-out ceremony
    • Lease cost can be defrayed by purchasing branded splashguards and passing cost through to advertised subcontractors


    The construction camera captures the jobsite continuously in fine detail. Zoom in tight on crystal clear, high-resolution images to verify the build is according to plan. Or use them to document, monitor and promote your work. Time-lapse construction videos document and showcase your work like nothing else—allowing you to communicate a clear picture of progress at the jobsite to team members, clients, investors and subcontractors.


    Premier Steel Safety Systems include high-quality, professionally shot drone videos at mutually agreed upon stages of construction. Drone videos serve as great reference material to showcase projects to current and future clients and for advertising purposes to obtain new clients down the road.